Iggy and Muppet and Muppet.

“Hi Muppet the Fake Poodle!”


“Muppet the Fake Poodle!”

Quit it!

“Muppet the Fake Poodle!”

Cut it out!  I hate that name!  And I’m not a poodle!

“You sure?  Look at you!  You could be anything!  Schnauzer, cat, ferret – there’s everything else, there might be some poodle in there too!”

There’s not!  

“How do you know?”

‘Cause poodles are pretty, okay?  Go away!




Leave me alone.

“Um… here.  In case you want to chew anything while you’re under there.”



Oh, great.


A Muppet, Iggy?  Really?

“Oh.  Well, yeah.  It’s a Muppet.  It’s my Kermit.”

Very funny.

“I have an Animal too, and a Miss Piggy.”

I get it, Muppet chewing a Muppet, right?

“Well, no.”


What, then?


“I dunno.  They’re just fun and cute.”  

They are?

“Yeah.  Muppets are my favorite things in the whole world.”




“But it’s okay if you want to chew it.  Um… yeah.  It’s here if you want it.”





10 thoughts on “Iggy and Muppet and Muppet.

  1. Awwww – having grown up in a family with a lot of adoptees (6 kids, five of us were adopted) I love this story. Iggy and Muppet are very lucky to have you and I’m sure that within the next couple of weeks they’ll settle in together and forget that there was ever a time when they didn’t have each other to harass and commiserate with. Hey, if it happened repeatedly with two-legged kids, it can definitely happen (faster) with the 4-legged kids!

    Have you ever considered writing kids books? If Winnie-the-Pooh and Ferdinand the Bull could make it, I’m pretty sure a couple of opinionated Schnauzers would be fantastic additions to the literary world.

    1. Wow, what a great family you have! I’m adopted too. My sisters weren’t. We were pretty different, but it worked. 🙂

      Iggy and Muppet are coming along nicely. By the end of the five day waiting period the rescue gave us, we were pretty sure Muppet and Iggy woukd adjust, and so far we haven’t seen anything to make us question that.

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure a Schnauzer obsessed with poodles’ shaved bits would be all that kid-friendly, though; which is good since I’d have no idea how to even attempt to get published beyond the blog. “Here: a perverted Schnauzer. He’ll teach kids life lessons.” 🙂

      1. Well, you could always write something for the slightly older kid – I have a nephew who is 11 yrs old and has a very skewed sense of humor – he’d totally be on board with a story about a poodle-obsessed Schnauzer because he pretty much falls into the same category. Think Captain Underpants for the late model middle school kid – sick, twisted, but slightly naive… Iggy speaks to that group! Of course, if he knew that he’d probably be horrified. 🙂

      2. Not sure about the naive part, but he’d like the twisted part. (And your nephew sounds like a very cool kid.)

  2. I am just in love with following these 2 as they become fam!! I have no doubt they will be super tight and quite entertaining as a dynamic duo.

    As for muppet on muppet crime…I eagerly await what the presidential candidates have to say about this. Super sweet of Iggy to provide the victim but I’ll bet he’s got some got some extortion tendencies. La Cosa Iggstra

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