Hi again.

“Hey Karen?”

Yes, Iggy?

“Can we say hi to the reader people again?  It’s been a really long time.”

Oh, wow, you’re right, it has.  I guess I haven’t had time lately to — Muppet!


Stop that!


“Karen, why haven’t you had time–”



I thought you were going to stop that!

I wasn’t planning to. 

It doesn’t matter what you were planning, I’m telling you to stop!


Don’t do it again.  Sorry, Iggy, what were you saying?

“How come you don’t have time to say hi to the reader people?”

Well, Iggy, it’s just — oh, hang on.  Muppet!


What is that on the floor?

Um… my toy?

And what’s the fluffy white stuff?


That’s right.  What did I tell you about that?

Um… the stuffing stays inside the toy?

Yes.  Where is the stuffing now?


And why is the stuffing outside the toy?

The squeaker was sad.

What are you talking about?

It was crying.  It was trapped in the stuffing.  I freed it.

It wasn’t crying, Muppet, it was squeaking.  It’s a squeaker.  That’s what it does.

Oh.  Oops.

You know this, Muppet.

Um… yeah, I do.

“You do!”

Stop that, Iggy.

“Sorry.  So how come you don’t have time for the reader people?”

Because I —

Karen?  Karen?  Karen!

What, Muppet?

Can I have a new toy?  This one’s busted.

“New toy?  I want a new toy too!”

No new toys, Iggy, you have plenty already.  Take one from the pile in the corner, Muppet.  Iggy, the reason I don’t have time — Iggy, where’d you go?

“You’re right, Muppet, it’s way more fun when it’s outside the toy!”

Told you so!