A Profile in Courage.

You know what, Iggy?  

“What, Muppet?”

I could make this.

“Make what, Muppet?”

I could totally make this.  

“Make what, Muppet?  I can’t see!”

Iggy, hold my beer.


What, Iggy?

“Muppet thinks she can totally make this but I don’t know what this is ’cause I can’t see it and she told me to hold her beer but I don’t know what beer is and I don’t have thumbs anyway and–”

Muppet, you don’t even have beer.

That’s not the point.  Before you do something cool you’re supposed to say ‘hold my beer.’

No, Muppet, that’s before you do something stupid.  

Or cool.  It could be cool too.

No it can’t.  Both of you get inside right now.



I could have totally made that.