Muppet, Iggy’s accidental muse.

“Hey Karen!”

Yes, Iggy?

“I wrote a poem for Muppet.”

You did?

“Yeah, I was watching her sleep, and I was inspired.”

Well, that’s very sweet.

Sure, if by ‘sweet’ you mean really weird and just a little bit creepy.

Now, Muppet, he’s making an effort.  Let’s give him a chance.  Iggy, why don’t you read us your poem?


O Muppet
by Iggy 

O Muppet, fur unruly, 
A Schnauzer, a Yorkie, a mix, asleep 
With your leg in the air 
Like a fainting goat in the night. 
A Schnauzer, a Yorkie, a mix, a mess 
O Muppet, will you be groomed 
Like, ever?

Ugh. You see what I have to put up with?

That wasn’t very nice, Iggy.

“I’m just wondering what’s up with her fur, that’s all!”

She’s going to the groomer next week.

“She is?”

Oh no. I am?


Oh.  Wow.  I really don’t like it here.

Aw, Muppet, don’t hide under the — yeah, okay.

13 thoughts on “Muppet, Iggy’s accidental muse.

  1. Watching someone sleep is a little creepy. Josh used to take pictures of me when I’d fall asleep on the couch like Muppet did. Maybe Iggy won’t pick on her quite so much once she gets her ‘do done.

  2. Iggy the multi-talented. Love seeing Muppet’s little nose under the sofa, or a pillow. Sweet girl. Waiting on the summer cut before and after pics, and Iggy’s take on same.

    1. Yeah, I actually have to call the groomer. When I first got Muppet she had just been spayed, so no baths or trips to the groomer right away. But now that she’s healed, I keep forgetting to make an appointment for her. I’ve grown used to her disheveled mop look, and I’m kind of afraid they’ll groom the charm right out of her and she’ll look like a chihuahua or something.

  3. Her’s a terrier. She will not be looking like any taco dog. (PS: I like chihuahuas more than I used to. But noisy…) She looks like she’s got some JRT in there too … more JRT than goat, it would seem.

    1. JRT wouldn’t surprise me — she’s very energetic, and she can certainly jump. But she’s got slightly bulging eyes like a chihuahua, although I’ve seen that on other breeds as well so there’s that. Oddly for a terrier, though, she has no interest at all in my cats — at least not so far. (Famous last words, right?)

      Just for fun I did the Wisdom Panel DNA test for her. Should be interesting to see what they think she is.

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