Iggy and Muppet Comfort the Afflicted.

Well, hi!

“Hi Karen!”

Karen, are you okay?

Feeling a little better, thanks.

Can you play the chase game with us?

Sorry, Muppet, I can’t chase you guys.

“So you still have back slammers?”

They’re back splatters, Iggy.

Spasms, guys. Back spasms.

“You still have back things?”

Yes, I do.

So you can’t run after us?

No, I’m afraid I’m stuck here for now.  

“Can you move at all?”

Not really. It’s sweet of you to cuddle with–

“Yay! I’m chasing the cat!”

I’m gonna tear up the throw pillows!

“Hey Muppet, I bet you can’t jump from the back of the loveseat!”

Can too! Watch me!

Dammit.  (Also, ouch.)

8 thoughts on “Iggy and Muppet Comfort the Afflicted.

  1. Hi Karen! Just saw your ‘back spasms suck’ note on Balloon Juice. Wanted to offer the thought (given to me by a md who is also trained in athletic training) that upping my magnesium to 500mg a day can be a big help w/muscle strains and spasms. I took 250 in AM, 250 in PM for 2 days which took care of my snow shoveling induced back spasms; now i’m taking 250 a day and haven’t had a relapse. FWIW!

    1. Thanks! I’ll try that! (Although honestly, at this point if your doctor had said to swallow two teaspoons of shredded glass I’d try that too.)

  2. Aww, I know about back spasms. First time (long ago) we were kayaking on the New River, and my legs went numb. Monday we went to our Doc, he palpated my lower back, asked does this hurt?

    I said not really. He said, “Well, it will. You have a major muscle spasm in your lower back, and it’s impinging on the nerves into your legs!”

    Which wasn’t as bad as the fears I had, and now after much exercises and physical therapy and training on how to lift, It’s years since I had it bad. Pain killers and muscle relaxants help, as does a hot tub.

    Best of luck with the back!

    JR in WV

    PS, feel free to ask me questions… not that I’m edumacated, but I have been there, off and on, for many years. It does get better…

    1. Thanks! I think the actual spasms have stopped. Now my back is stiff as all hell, but I can move around.

      Fortunately Iggy and Muppet are here, cuddled up against me because they love me. Or more likely because they love the heating pad.

    1. Thanks! They’re cuddling on the couch at the moment, and taking up too much room for me to nap comfortably, but at least they’re calm.

      Also, I’m pretty sure they’re taking up all that room and getting in the way on purpose.


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