Iggy + Muppet + socks.

Iggy!  Muppet!



What are you doing with those socks?!

“Ut shocksh?”

The ones in your mouths!  What do you think you’re doing?!



What do you mean, “nothing”?  You’re shredding them!

Nnnggggg!  Rrrrr!

“Unh uh.”

Yes you are!  Put them down!  You have plenty of toys to play with!


Oo ot!

Yes you do!  They’re right there!

Ee aayed it dozh!

“Eah, ee aayed it dozh!”

Well, play with them again!  Drop the socks!

Iggy ursht.

“Unh uh, Ugget ursht.”

Both of you together.  Count of three. One, two, THREE.

Rrrrrr!  Nnnngg!

“Ooo heated, Ugget!”

You cheated too, Iggy.

“Unh uh!”

You didn’t drop the socks either.  

“I gignt?”

You gig–ugh.  You didn’t.


Drop the socks!

Ut shocksh?

Never mind.