An Iggy Christmas.

Did you have a nice Christmas, Iggy?

“I guess.”

Did you get anything you wanted?

“I got a bacon chew treat for a minute.”

For a minute?

“Muppet took it.”

I’m sorry, Iggy.

“That’s okay, I’ll just jump on her later and scare the hell out of her.”

Iggy, I don’t think you —

“Probably around 3 AM.”


“Gotta rest up — gonna be a busy night.”


A Muppet Christmas.

What did you get for Christmas, Muppet?

I got a Santa!  It makes crinkly noises and flops around and I can bite it a lot!  I love my Santa!

Oh, wait — Iggy got a Rudolph.

‘Scuse me.

I got a Rudolph!