Aw, look at widdle Iggy!   

“Zzzz–hmmph… huh?”

Who’s my toasty Iggy?  You are!  Yes you are!  You’re my toasty Iggy!  


My toasty puppy!  


Was my widdle Iggy puppy chilly?

“Well, actually–”

Uh oh.  Who got a chilly widdle nose?  


Iggy got a chilly widdle nose!

“What are you–”

Is my chilly widdle Iggy cozy?


Awww!  Look at my cozy widdle Iggy puppy!


Suck it up. That’s what you get for stealing my blanket.  Widdle chilly Iggy puppy!

“Cut it out!”

The repair guy will be here this afternoon–


–widdle floofy-face!


4 thoughts on “Brr.

    1. Not always winter. We had a lightning strike fry a circuit board on it a few years back, so we had no AC during a July heat wave. That was fun.

      Our heat’s back on now, but just when we were thinking, “Oh good, everything’s fine now,” the repair guy pointed out a bunch of other things wrong with it and said we’re going to need to replace the entire thing pretty soon. Yay for us. Hopefully it’ll die around March or April, when we won’t really need too much climate control. Of course, most likely it’ll die during a sub-zero cold snap.

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