A very Iggy Thanksgiving.

“What’s with all that food you put out that I can’t have?”

It’s Thanksgiving.

“Wasn’t it Thanksgiving last year?”

It’s every year.


So people can take a day to step back and think about all the things they’re thankful for.

“Oh. Like what?”

Well, I’m thankful for you. I’m very happy that we found you at the rescue and were able to bring you home to live with us.

“That’s nice.”

What are you thankful for?

“Ohhhhh, I dunno. There’s just so much! But I think I’d have to say I’m most thankful for my balls. Oh, WAIT.”

Iggy, we explained that.

“Oh, you EXPLAINED. Well, that’s okay, then.”

Iggy —


Aside from that.

“NOTHING! Oh, hang on — I’m thankful I have easy access to tasty acorns.”


“Nature’s chew toys. And they’re snacks!”

Iggy, what did I tell you about eating acorns? You know they make you sick!

“Sorry. Forgot. Um… uh oh.”

What, Iggy?

“Um… urp…”

You ate acorns, didn’t you?


Oh, yuck.

“I guess you’re not thankful for a clean carpet anymore, huh. Sorry about that–”

It’s okay, Iggy–

“–just like you’re sorry ABOUT MY BALLS!”


“Go away, I’m sick.”


Ugh. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

4 thoughts on “A very Iggy Thanksgiving.

    1. Yep. All he knew was that one day he went to the vet, was anesthetized, and felt sore and woozy for a little while afterward — nobody ever explained to him exactly what was done.

      Not sure what this means for his poodle obsession.

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