Iggy approves a campaign ad.

Fluffy says he wants to win the Publix Paws Photo Contest to get a supermarket gift card for his human. What Fluffy doesn’t say is that he favors cutting funds for early childhood education.

Lulu likes to talk about how sweet she appears with a squeaky toy in her mouth and a tutu around her waist. But when will Lulu talk about ISIS? Or is Lulu a secret terrorist sympathizer?

And isn’t Bongo just adorable with his football chew toy? But if Bongo had his way, we’d all have Ebola right now.

Vote for Iggy so your children don’t end up imbecile hostages with Ebola.

I’m Iggy, and I approve this message.


6 thoughts on “Iggy approves a campaign ad.

  1. Doing well Iggy! On my vote there, it was 498… this post is proof! People don’t just want a pretty face, they want a pretty face and world peace (and all it entails)
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

    1. Thanks for your vote. Says Iggy, “Together we can reach that shining hydrant on a hill and shut off those thousand points of light because a thousand laser pointers would drive me nuts.”

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