Iggy really wants your vote.

Hi, everyone.  Just a reminder that today is the last day you can vote for Iggy in that pet photo contest Iggy and I have been telling you about.

“That’s right, Karen.  It’s easy, reader people — click the link and you’ll go straight to my picture.  Simply click ‘vote’ and you’re done!  Karen says we’re getting a lot of votes but I shouldn’t get my hopes up because there are other dogs with more votes.”

Well, yeah, Iggy, it might be kind of a long shot, but it’s worth a try.

“Yep.  So please vote for me, reader people.”

Thank you.

“Or I’ll die.”

Wait, what?  You’re not going to die, Iggy.  It’s just a photo contest.

“Okay, vote for me or I’ll eat this kitten.”

You don’t have a kitten.

“The reader people don’t know that!  They can’t see what I’m doing right now!”

That doesn’t mean you can lie to them.  

“Yes it does!”

No, Iggy.  Nobody’s dying, nobody’s getting eaten.  

“I’m waving a crossbow around in a room full of bunnies, reader people!”

You’re in your crate with a chewy hedgehog and a toy sheep.  

“It’s gonna be a baby bunny bloodbath!”

No it isn’t.  


Stop it, Iggy.

“Well, can I get some bunnies?”


“One bunny?”


“I’d like one bunny and a crossbow, please.”


“How about a poodle?”

Lay down, Iggy.

“We’re gonna lose.”


9 thoughts on “Iggy really wants your vote.

  1. I voted and I hope you will win….maybe the first prize is a poodle or a ticket to Reno (don’t forget the gun )… oh and you have a chewy hedgehog? a real one? they are great, huh? much better than the chewygators, they are a little fishy :o)

  2. Iggy – I’d vote for you anytime and often – except if you were running for benevolent despot – I think you have most of the responsibilities down, but one has to be sure you know. šŸ˜‰

    1. Iggy asks if the job of benevolent despot comes with minions. He also asks what a benevolent despot is. I’m going to tell him it’s another name for Minister for Making Cats Happy so he drops the idea.

  3. Oh nooo I missed this vote and now am entirely convinced it’s my fault you didn’t get through to the finalist stage!
    You was robbed, Iggy, ROBBED!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

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