Good girl, depending on how you look at it.


She’s not moving, Iggy.

“I see that, Muppet.  Hey Karen?”

We should look closer.




Huh!  What!  What?

“Are you napping?”

What?  Yeah, I was, Iggy, yes.

Told you so, Iggy.

What’s going on?  What did you want?



I tried to tell Iggy you were sleeping, I really did.

I appreciate that, Muppet.

He wouldn’t listen.

Sounds like him.

I even told him we should jump up on you and take a closer look, just to prove you were asleep.

Really now.  Thanks a lot.


“Are you awake now?”

I guess so, Iggy.

“Good.  I have to go outside.  Gotta pee.”

Fine.  Just give me a minute.


I didn’t want to wake you.  

That’s all right, Muppet.  Iggy needs to pee anyway.

Yeah, but I didn’t wake you when I had to pee or anything.


I didn’t have to go outside.  I let you sleep.

Well, we’re going out now, so–

It’s okay, I don’t have to.

Wait, what?

I’m fine now.  And I didn’t make you wake up!

Oh no.

“Hey, what’s this near the door?”

I’m a good girl!

We need to work on your definition of “good,” Muppet.


“Hey Karen?  I know you don’t like me eating this stuff outside, but it’s clean if it’s in the house, right?”

No, Iggy!  Don’t eat that!

“All right, I won’t!”

Thank you.

“I’ll stop in just a minute!”


I’m a very good girl!

4 thoughts on “Good girl, depending on how you look at it.

    1. According to Iggy, it’s not dirty or rotten no matter where he finds it. The rule is if he’s interested in it, it’s perfectly fine.

  1. The change (measured only by 2 photo- comparison of course) in the look in Muppet’s eyes is one of those beautiful things.

    1. She really is a whole different dog. It’s so cool to see her walking around the house like she owns the place, compared to a month ago when she was in a perpetual cringe, with her head down, her belly close to the ground and her tail between her legs all the time. The fun thing is, I still don’t think she’s fully used to being here — I can’t wait to see what she’s like when she’s fully comfortable. 🙂

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