The solitary schnauzer.

“Lemme out.”

Give me a second, Iggy, I just walked in. I’ll let you out once I put down my keys and —

“Lemme out! I’ve been locked in the kitchen for days!”


“At least a week!”

Two hours. Almost.

“Almost a month!”

Actually, a bit over an hour and a half.

“It was terrible!”

How could it be terrible? Look at all you have to play with!


In the corner.

“Oh… um… I missed that.”

How could you miss that?


Doing what?

“Um… I forget?”

Wait a minute —

Aw, come on, Iggy. Seriously?!

“What! You were gone for months!”

A bit more than 90 minutes!

“90 minutes is a whole year! Now pet me, dammit. You owe me.”


9 thoughts on “The solitary schnauzer.

    1. The hard rubber toys are in the pile. He has no interest — he prefers stuffed squeaky things and rawhide chews. Which he gets. And, of course, proceeds to ignore. He just ignores them less than he ignores rubber toys. 🙂

      1. Try the ice cubes in water. It helps with the teething. Between four cats and three schnauzers in different stages of development, we’ve had to “redecorate” a few times.😜

      2. Thanks for the tip. Thing is, he’s at least two years old, so I don’t think it’s teething. I think he just likes the soft wood of the chair — we have another piece of furniture in the house made of similar material, and that has a few teeth marks in it too. 99% of the time, though, he prefers soft squeaky toys, fearsome predator that he is.

  1. I know that look in a Schnauzer’s eyes – “Yes, I depend on you for food and you control EVERYTHING in my physical life, but hey, I DO have dignity, don’t you know? You and me, we’re equals: that’s a no-brainer. Well, you’re almost equal to me. Now scratch my back, dammit.”

      1. Iggy sounds pretty cool. Years ago I had Schnauzer by the name of Petey, but his nickname was Little Man ’cause that’s what a was – a little old man trapped in a dog’s body. Sometimes when he was ready to call it a night, he’d get his favorite toy, jump up on the bed, and bark at us in the other room! “TV, off! Lights, off! I’m ready for bed, y’all!”

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