“Hey Karen! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

What, Iggy?


Yes. Hey. Were you planning on saying anything else?


Okay —

“Oh, wait, I mean yes! Yes! Remember that time it snowed a lot and it was really cold? And you were all worried about how I’d react when you walked me in the snow for the first time? And then I hardly noticed it and I wanted to stay outside and I was exploring and I was gonna sniff every single snowflake I could get my nose on? And you and Brian were trying to get me to come back inside ’cause you live in the south and don’t have really warm winter clothes? And you were freezing and miserable? And I just stayed right where I was?”

Yes, Iggy. What about it?

“That was great.

3 thoughts on “HEY!

  1. You know Iggy, my dog and I have had this exact conversation every winter for the last 12 years. Tell me do you get frustrated trying to fetch a snowball like she does? Dang things just refused to stay in ball form when she picks them up! πŸ˜†

    1. Says Iggy: “Fetch? Oh, wait, is that the game where Karen throws a ball and then goes to look for it while I wander off in the opposite direction? I like that game.”

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