Holiday greetings.

Okay, let’s — ow!

“Cut it out!”

I just need —

“Forget it.”

Just —




Oh, great, I’m bleeding.

“Oh well.”

Want a bone?

“You’re kidding, right?”

Well —

“How stupid do you think I am?

Given how counterproductive your actions are right now, I’d say —



“Stop it stop it stop it stop it–”


“–stop it stop it stop it–”

Iggy, come on!

“–stop it stop it stop it stop it–”


“–stop it stop it stop it stop it–”


”–stop– wait, what?”



“Oh, you meant from the rescue!  I knew that!  Wait, did you just –”

All done!

“Dammit!  You know, you really put the Christ in ‘Christ, you’re such a–‘”

Thank you, Iggy, that’s enough.  

Merry Christmas from the cats, Brian, me, and Iggy whether he likes it or not. 

4 thoughts on “Holiday greetings.

  1. So if Iggy were to celebrate Festivus and the airing of the grievances, how long would it take him to vent? Rhetorically speaking of course…Merry/Happy to you, Brian, Iggy and the kitties!

    1. It would take forever — but I think he’d prefer to avoid the feats of strength, since the cats would kick his little Schnauzer butt.

      Merry/Happy to you and yours too!

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