6 thoughts on “Welcome home.

  1. you got that poodle, right? or maybe 87 poodles? my mom said she hates when she steps on a squeaky toy at night or when my bed is full of destuffend victims every night… it’s time that she gets her own bed :o)

    1. No poodle. One dog is enough. Iggy will come to understand that in time.

      And note the red pet bed the toys are sitting on — that’s where we keep them when he’s not throwing them around. It was supposed to be Iggy’s bed, but… well, yeah, that wasn’t gonna work.

    1. Surprised? Hey, I BLOG about this animal, so you had to suspect I pay an unhealthy amount of attention to him. 🙂

      Anyway, the toys serve a practical purpose. Notice what you didn’t see amongst all the toys strewn everywhere? Sofa cushions. Yep, they’re still on the couch, unscathed.

      Hit the sales at your local National Pet Supply Big Box Warehouse Emporium Corp.-like store, and your furniture will last a lot longer than your patience!

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