Said Sisyphus, “At least I don’t have pets.”

Hello, Phoebe!  How’s my pretty kitty —

Don’t give me that.  Do you know what your dog did today?

“Nothing!  I swear!”

I’ll have you know he left a mangled cat near our toy box.

A what?!

A MANGLED CAT.  He mangled a cat and left it near our toy box.  He muttered something about ‘sending a message.’

“Did not!

Iggy —

“I didn’t!”

You did!

“I did, a little, yes.”

Okay.  Phoebe, it’s not a real cat, it’s a toy.  Iggy, stay away from the cats’ toy box.  There — solved.


 “But Karen, the cats are mean to me.”

Because you keep sticking your nose in their butts.

“Oh.  All right.  I won’t do it anymore –”

Good —

“– today.”

We’re going to do this all over again tomorrow, aren’t we?


14 thoughts on “Said Sisyphus, “At least I don’t have pets.”

    1. Thanks so much! I had quickly snapped a few pictures while they were sitting near each other, without looking too closely at how they were interacting. Once I saw how that one turned out, I absolutely had to use it. 🙂

  1. Absolutely fcking funny. Nod to Charles Peirce. I hope Tigger’s surgery goes well.

    1. Forgot to sterilize the needle. Hopefully he won’t get infected.

      I missed the Charles Pierce reference…? (I read him, but not too often.)

      1. “Fcking” is his Esquire abbreviation for what we spell out at say, Balloon Juice. Speedy recovery wishes for Tigger

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