“Da dum… da dum…”

What the —

“DA dum DA dum DA dum…”

Iggy, what are you doing?

“I’m not Iggy.”

All right. Where’s Iggy?

“I ate him.”

You ate him?

“I’m a shark.”

You’re a schnauzer, Iggy.

“I’m SCHNAUZER SHNA– SHAUZER SHARK– SNAUZ– no, wait, hang on.”

Okay, then.

“Scharz — wait, no. Schnarker — no… Snauk… sch… zzzzzzzzzzz…”

Upon the couch the creature jumped
From chasing cats came he
The schnauzer shark, out like a light,
That sleeps the cozy seas.

We’re gonna need a bigger couch.

3 thoughts on “TERROR HAS A NEW NAME.

  1. I must have have been asleep at the keyboard when I commented about your blog in the Community Pool. The “Follow” tab is showing up just fine now. 😄

    And thank you for following mine. 😊 I haven’t been posting much of late. “Real life” keeps getting in the way. 😲 I’m hoping it will change soon(ish), but can’t make any promises.

    In any case it’s very nice to meet you both! I look forward to reading more of the Iggy dialogues. *grins* 😂 Good luck on the couch hunt…

    1. No, you weren’t asleep. When I read your comment about the “Follow” button, I went into the settings and fixed it. Thanks again — I had completely overlooked that.

      I’m looking forward to reading what you write, whenever that may be.

      Thanks again! 🙂

      1. 😄 Always nice to hear it wasn’t me! ‘Cause I still am not smart enough to stay *off* the internet when seriously sleep deprived…it’s amazing how much trouble one can get into online when half your brain cells are in a coma! 😂

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