“Hi! Hi reader people! Hi hi hi hi hi! Hey, Karen, look! The Iggy Dialogues has a follower already!”

Impossible. This is just the first post here, and it’s not even published yet.

“No, really! Look! A follower!”

Let me see that… okay, Iggy, “MakeMoneyBusinessBlogging” is a spammer.

“Oooh, a spammer? Hi, spammer!”

Iggy, that’s not really a —

“I love MakeMoneyBusinessBlogging a lot!”

Whatever makes you happy.

4 thoughts on “HI! HI HI HI HI HI! HI!

    1. And Iggy loves you. He’s never met you, but that doesn’t matter; as long as he suspects that you might exist, he loves you. (And allow me to thank you here for the title — once I read it, an Iggy blog was a foregone conclusion.)

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