Iggy and Muppet Comfort the Afflicted.

Well, hi!

“Hi Karen!”

Karen, are you okay?

Feeling a little better, thanks.

Can you play the chase game with us?

Sorry, Muppet, I can’t chase you guys.

“So you still have back slammers?”

They’re back splatters, Iggy.

Spasms, guys. Back spasms.

“You still have back things?”

Yes, I do.

So you can’t run after us?

No, I’m afraid I’m stuck here for now.  

“Can you move at all?”

Not really. It’s sweet of you to cuddle with–

“Yay! I’m chasing the cat!”

I’m gonna tear up the throw pillows!

“Hey Muppet, I bet you can’t jump from the back of the loveseat!”

Can too! Watch me!

Dammit.  (Also, ouch.)