Holiday cheer.

Muppet, what did you get for Christmas?

I got a pink rope toy and a rope with a tennis ball!

Iggy, what did you get?

“Umm… well, actually, I got a rope with a tennis ball.”

You got one too?

“No, not ‘too,’ Muppet.  That’s my toy.”

Oh.  Sorry!

“Can I have it back?”



That’s all right, Iggy.  I knew she’d do that, so I got you other toys.

I’ll get those too, you know.

“Yeah, Karen, she will.”

You’re right, Iggy.  Is there anything else you’d like for Christmas?

“I wouldn’t mind cuddling.  Can we cuddle?”

We can do that.


“And maybe Brian can take Muppet out, cause she hasn’t pooped in a while.  And then you could sneak me one of the new toys?”

Iggy, that’s a good i–

I heard that!


Besides, I don’t need to go out.  I pooped on the rug in the front bedroom.  I’m good for now.

Dammit, Muppet!  

What?  Why dammit?  Damn what?  

Every time I think you’ve learned, you pull this!

It’s raining.  I hate pooping in the rain. 

It doesn’t matter if you hate it!

I never see YOU poop in the rain.  If it’s so great, how come you don’t do it?


Wow.  Calm down.

“They say the holidays can be stressful, Muppet.”

Yeah, Iggy, I’ve heard that too.  Must be a human thing.

“I suppose so.  Hey, can I have my tennis ball when you’re done with it?”




Merry Christmas from me, Muppet, and of course, Iggy.

“Oh no, not the antler picture!”

Hush, Iggy.



10 thoughts on “Holiday cheer.

    1. Thanks — Merry Christmas to you too!

      The rain’s not stopping any time soon, I’m afraid. But I think Muppet will get so used to it that she won’t want to poop unless it’s raining. Or she could just be looking for excuses. 🙂

  1. Merry Christmas to you all! Muppet and Iggy made my day….they remind me of a certain two kitties who live at my place…and the girl gets her choice of the toys here too.

    1. Yep, I have two cats myself. They often do that to other, but mostly they just look on in dismay while the dogs eat their food.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

  2. Merry Xmas, Iggy!!

    You too, Muppet!!

    And Happy New Year Karen!

    I have a cat draped over my right shoulder, always the right one. Spike is a sweet kitty, but oh so sharp! So in a better world I would have tee shirts with a big leather patch on the right shoulder. Ouch!

    She’s purring though, so I can’t dump her off my shoulder. It took me a year and a half to teach her to purr. At first I would put my ear against her side, and I could barely detect a tiny little purrr in there.

    Now, when she get going, you can actually hear the purr from a distance, like a foot away. She isn’t feral, because she does live in the house, and she purrs on my shoulder. But she is pretty close to a wild thing. Purrring Wild Thang!

    Merry Xmas Karen!

    1. Merry Christmas to you and Spike. I agree with your approach — when a beast is relaxed enough with you to snuggle, let the beast snuggle when and where he/she wants, for as long as necessary.

      Iggy cuddling up against me today was the best present I could ever ask for. I sat there for a good half hour and let him doze. Because priorities.

    1. I think after a few months with Muppet, Iggy’s all poodled out.

      Also, if you ever want to learn how to say “Be careful what you wish for” in Schnauzer, just listen to Iggy for a few minutes — he says it to himself all the time.

      Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

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