Iggy, persistent.


Iggy, I’m sitting right next to you.


So you don’t have to keep shouting at me.  

“KA– oh.”

So what did you want?


What did you want?

“Oh!  Um… nothing.”

Okay, then.

“Wait, no!  I did want something!”

You did?


What is it?

“What is what?”

What did you want, Iggy?

“Oh.  I dunno.”



Stop shouting.

“I have an idea!”


“Yeah!  It’s a really good idea, too!”





What’s the idea?

“What?  Oh.  Poodles!”

You’re not getting–

“No, no, no, I’m not asking for a poodle.  I just want poodle pictures!”

Pictures?  Hmm.  You know something, Iggy?  I’m okay with that.  I tell you what, if you do well in your obedience classes, I’ll print you a bunch of poodle pictures.

“Well, no.  I’d ask the poodles themselves.”


“It’s just better if the poodles themselves send me the pictures.  And… um… videos.”

I don’t like this–

“I’d set up a website.”





8 thoughts on “Iggy, persistent.

    1. I don’t know — if I were a poodle I’d be pretty offended. Or maybe I’m projecting my own prudish nature onto poodles. Maybe poodles are uninhibited. Or maybe they just have their own hangups and don’t have time to deal with mine. I have no idea.

    1. Not weird at all. On the Internet, nobody hears Iggy’s hysterical shrieking. He’s the quietest dog in the world. 🙂

      (And on behalf of myself and Iggy, thank you!)

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