Quick health update.

Just spoke to the veterinary technician at the animal hospital where Iggy is being treated for his heartworms.  Talking about his appetite, she said, “It’s fine.  We gave him a bowl of food just now, and he ate the bowl.”

Oh, good, he ate all of it.

“No.  I mean, yeah.”


“He ate all of it, but then he ate the bowl.”

I kid you not.

8 thoughts on “Quick health update.

      1. A downstairs finished “bonus area,” a futon with memory foam on top of the mattress, and a very wide gate at the top of the stairs to keep the cats on a completely different floor of the house. Move Iggy’s crate to the bonus area, create a playlist of three volumes of “Music Through A Dog’s Ear,” put it on repeat, pipe it through a bluetooth speaker, and hope it won’t all drive Iggy or me mad.

  1. Ah Iggy – it was his way of sending word to you that a) he’s going to be ok and b) he wants to come home because the food in the hotel stinks. Sending you both lots of love..

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