Iggy, contrite.

“Hey!  Lemme in!”

No, you can stay out there a little while longer.

“Come on!”


“Okay!  You win!”

What was that?  Did you say something?

“You win!”

Anything else?

“Ugh.  Okay.  I’m sorry.”

For what?

“I’m sorry I stole your Zippo.”

A little better.

“And I’m sorry I spilled the container of gasoline.”

Okay, anything else?

“I’m sorry I burned down half the porch.”


“Can I come in now?

You can.

“That was scary.  Can I lay on the couch next to you?”

Okay, come on up.

“You know, I just wanted to set fire to the neighbor’s Chihuahua.”

Drop it, Iggy —

“Not even all of him! I just wanted to light the tip of his tail!”

Iggy — 

“Like a fuse!”

Iggy —

“A furry little yip bomb!”


“Ha ha!  ‘Yip yip yip BOOM!'”  

“Heh.  Yeah.”



Get back outside.

“Aw, dammit.”

9 thoughts on “Iggy, contrite.

    1. Ooh. Careful now! Hell hath no fury like an angry Chihuahua! 🙂

      (It’s a good thing I don’t have a million readers — there’d probably be at least one freak who really would try to light a Chihuahua’s tail like a fuse. Memo to freaks: DON’T DO THAT. LEAVE THEM ALONE.)

      (An additional note to readers, in case there’s any confusion: Easyweimaraner is not a freak.)


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