Sing Along with Iggy.

“Hi reader people!  Iggy here!  Do you like music?  I like music!  Especially CDs.  I know everyone downloads music now, but MP3s just don’t sound the same.  And of course, I can’t chew MP3s.”


“Anyway, Karen’s going to have a lot going on today, so I thought instead of her doing the blog, I’d lead everyone in a sing-along.”

That’s nice of you, Iggy, but I really don’t have much I need to do —

“No no no!  It’s okay, I want to!  Just to say thanks, since you adopted me from the rescue and all.”

Aw, Iggy, that’s sweet of you.

“Um… yeah.  Anyway, I thought we could sing a Johnny Cash song.  Is everyone ready?  Okay, let’s sing!  I fell into a burning thing on fire –“ 

Iggy, it’s ‘ring of fire.’


It’s ‘ring of fire.’  You said ‘thing on fire.’

“Did I?  Ah… well… actually, um, funny story –“

Iggy, why am I smelling smoke?

“WHAT?  SMOKE?  OH MY GOD.  What smoke?  I dunno?  I wasn’t here?”

 What the hell?! 

“You never spent much time on the porch anyway.” 


This is why communication is important to a good marriage.

“Okay, Brian, I think the cats are in the other room.”

“Yep, the coast is clear. Hit ‘play’! Oh boy oh boy oh boy this is gonna be so great oh boy oh boy here it comes –”


Let it goooo! Let it goooooo!
And I’ll rise like the break of daaaaawn!
Let it go! Let it gooooo!
That perfect girl is gonnnne!
Here I staaaand! In the light of daaaay!!
Let the storm rage oooooonnnnnn!!




“Oh. Um. Hi, Karen.”

Please excuse me, readers. Clearly I need to have a talk with my husband about indulging Iggy. Again.

(I feel compelled to add this for the three people in the known universe who don’t recognize the song. I understand Disney’s being pretty lenient about copyright with things like this, but just in case: the song is from the Walt Disney animated film Frozen, it’s called Let It Go, and I DIDN’T WRITE IT! I DIDN’T! There. That oughta hold ’em.)

M.C. Iggy on the mic!

Gettin’ squeak toys in my mouth, I ain’t gonna let go

Make my human spend her money on me at the Petco

All the bitches play bow when I wag my tail

Pretty perfumed poodle playthings and they’re all for sale

All the ladies in the joint, let me hear you holla

M.C. Iggy in the hizzouse with the bling-bling collar!

What are you doing, Iggy?

“Rockin’ the mic! I got diamond bling!”

It’s not diamond bling, Iggy. It’s just a new ID tag with an updated phone number. And why are you piling up your squeak toys in your crate?

“Pimping my crib!”

Well, all right then —

“I’m doggy-stylin’!”

Okay, you don’t have any idea what you’re saying, do you?

“Not really, no.”

UPDATE: I changed the title of this post; it used to be “Song of the Schnauzer.” See the comments for an explanation.