This is why we can’t have nice things.

“Hmm.  These boots don’t smell familiar.”

They’re new.

“Oh, that explains it. They’re nice.”

Thank you.

“Can I eat them?”


“Okay, I won’t.”


“How about now?”

No.  You can’t eat them, Iggy.

“Okay, I understand.”

Thank you.

“I’ll wait until you take them off.”

No, you won’t.

“Then I can eat them now?”




“I can wait.”

No, you can’t eat them at all!

“Oh.  Okay.”

Thank you.

“How about now?”

Ugh.  I’m going inside.

Hello, human. 

Hi, Elwood. 

Nice footwear. 

Thank you, Elwood.



Monday musings.

Hi, Iggy. What are you thinking about?

“Oh, you know, nothing much.  Just the Goldbach Conjecture.”

The what?

“They haven’t proved it, you know.”

You’re thinking about the Goldbach Conjecture?  Seriously?

“Ha!  No, just kidding.”

Good lord, here I thought my dog was ruminating on unsolved mathematical problems.

“Nope, just bacon.  But I’ll bet you’re gonna get a bunch of comments now from people who want to discuss the Goldbach Conjecture.”

Uh oh.  I hope not.

“You didn’t think this through, did you?”

No.  No, I didn’t.

“That’s okay, I never think things through.  Works for me.  I’m gonna go lick the cat’s back now.”

Whoa, no you’re not!

“It’s okay, he’ll like it this time, I bet.”