Iggy offers guidance to Muppet.


I probably could.

“Sure, you could.  But you can’t.”


I’m infected, remember?  I have to.

“You’ve been on antibiotics all week.  If you didn’t by now, she’ll figure—sshh, here she is.  Hi Karen!”


Hi Iggy!



Yes, Muppet?


This is a nice mat.

I’m glad you like it.


It’s soft.

Yes, it is.  It’s really for when you guys track in dirt and mud, but if you want, I can get you one just to lay on.


See, Iggy?

“But she didn’t say—“



“Oh no.”


Yes, Muppet?


Can I pee on this?  I’d really like to pee on this.  Can I pee on this please?





“I told you so!”


Did you, Iggy?  Good boy!  Muppet, listen to Iggy.  He knows what he’s talking about.


“Yeah!  What did I say, Muppet?”


You said it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.  



“That’s right.  What should you have done, Muppet?”


I should have just peed.


“That’s right.”




I’ll listen to you next time, Iggy.

I’m getting the crate back out.



4 thoughts on “Iggy offers guidance to Muppet.

  1. You just gotta have a sense of humor about what your dawgs get up to when you aren’t watching them. Like at night. I’ve got empty cartons of broth lying on the floor, and that’s because of the GOOD dawg!

    At least they were empty when she started!

    1. Ha! Sounds about right. Muppet likes squeak toys. Harmless, right? No. She likes to chew them apart to get to the squeaker, which she proceeds to gnaw on until there are little bits of plastic strewn everywhere.

      Gotta love ’em. 🙂

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