Iggy thinks about stuff.

Good boy, Iggy! Get the Kermit!

“Yeaahhh… no.”

What’s wrong, Iggy?


Come on, Iggy, you can tell me. What’s bothering you?

“Just… is this it? Eating, sleeping, pooping, chewing? Is this all there is to life?”

Wow, Iggy. I suppose so. But —


Oh.  Okay, I’m glad you’re good with that.

“Hell yeah!  This is way better than having a job and doing laundry and stuff!”

Well –

“HA!  You got SO HOSED!”


16 thoughts on “Iggy thinks about stuff.

  1. You’ve been reading that Brit bulldog again, haven’t you Iggy? That comment suggests the influence of batdog.

    1. Haven’t in a while, actually. I love Batdog, though.

      The shame of it is that I have all these pictures of Iggy happily hanging his head backwards off the couch, and his ears stick straight out — and yes, he looks just like a fluffy bat. I wrote some Facebook posts where he insists he’s a bat — not to be a superhero, he just decided he’s a bat for no reason at all. I can’t do anything with them on the blog, though — too similar to Batdog.

      1. I think as long as no draperies are harmed for a cape batdog wouldn’t object.

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