Vote for Iggy!

Hi readers, Karen here.  You know those Facebook contests — “vote very day for my goldfish and I’ll win a vacation to New Jersey,” that sort of thing?  Well, I entered one sponsored by a supermarket chain.  The prize is, appropriately enough, groceries.  Lots and lots of groceries.  I figure this can be Iggy’s way of contributing to the household since he refuses to get a job.  

“I heard that.  I can’t get a job — employers discriminate against heartworm sufferers.  Really, I should sue.”

Who would you sue?  Nobody’s ever turned you down for a job because of heartworms, Iggy.

“How do you know?”

You have to apply for a job before you can be turned down.

“Oh.  Well, I should sue anyway.”

For what?

“I dunno, just in general.”

You do that.

“After my nap.”

Okay, then.  Anyway, readers, I’ve uploaded Iggy’s picture to the contest website, and if you’re so inclined, you can vote for him here.  You can vote once per day, and it runs for the next couple of weeks.  

Thank you.