Sing Along with Iggy.

“Hi reader people!  Iggy here!  Do you like music?  I like music!  Especially CDs.  I know everyone downloads music now, but MP3s just don’t sound the same.  And of course, I can’t chew MP3s.”


“Anyway, Karen’s going to have a lot going on today, so I thought instead of her doing the blog, I’d lead everyone in a sing-along.”

That’s nice of you, Iggy, but I really don’t have much I need to do —

“No no no!  It’s okay, I want to!  Just to say thanks, since you adopted me from the rescue and all.”

Aw, Iggy, that’s sweet of you.

“Um… yeah.  Anyway, I thought we could sing a Johnny Cash song.  Is everyone ready?  Okay, let’s sing!  I fell into a burning thing on fire –“ 

Iggy, it’s ‘ring of fire.’


It’s ‘ring of fire.’  You said ‘thing on fire.’

“Did I?  Ah… well… actually, um, funny story –“

Iggy, why am I smelling smoke?

“WHAT?  SMOKE?  OH MY GOD.  What smoke?  I dunno?  I wasn’t here?”

 What the hell?! 

“You never spent much time on the porch anyway.” 


Iggy welcomes me home, and I give you the last five Very Inspiring Bloggers.


Aw Iggy, I missed you too–


Oh.  Well.  Sorry, Iggy, I didn’t see any dog toys at IKEA. 

“Then what DID you buy?!” 

Well, I got some cushions for the kitchen chairs — 

“Okay, I’ll chew those!  YAY!!!” 

Hold on, Iggy — 


Wonderful.  While I’m trying to keep Iggy from doing any further damage, here are the last five blogs nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Slightly Chilled Porcupine.  One-panel drawings, offbeat and hilarious.  If you don’t like one, try another — you’re guaranteed to find something that’ll make you laugh out loud.

The Hillbilly Blogger.  Look!  He’s a hillbilly!  He’s a blogger!  He’s Tim Taylor, The Hillbilly Blogger!  Sometimes he writes about little things, sometimes he gets into the deep stuff.  Always a good read.

Harleyquinnly.  A talented young woman whose writing brings me back to when I was her age (not THAT long ago, so stop that) — she captures it perfectly.  In fact, her most recent post talks about her current line of work, and perfectly sums up why I no longer do that particular job. 

Waiting For the Karma Truck.  Very different from Harleyquinnly; for this blogger, a bit more time has passed.  (I’m not sure they’d have been that similar if they were the same age, though, but that’s what’s cool about this — different voices, different viewpoints.  But I digress.)  Beautifully written.  Where I am in life is probably about halfway between Harleyquinnly and Waiting For the Karma Truck, and as time goes on I find myself identifying more and more with WFtKT’s take.  The big difference is that she’s amazing at putting it all into words, whereas I just flail about and wonder what’s going on.  Did I mention that it’s beautifully written?  I did?  Well, I’m right — it is.

And last but not least:

I’m not telling you.  

Find that blog yourself.  Go into my comments section, and click on some commenters’ names.  Or click the gravatars of people who’ve liked my posts, and when you get to their profiles, click the links to their sites.  They’re all good.  You’ll find blogs that inspire you, make you laugh, make you think, make you feel like you’re somewhere else for a while, or just offer you a good read to help you kill some time.  Whatever they do for you, though, you’ll be glad you checked them out.

“Oooh!  Way to stick the landing!”

Thank you, Iggy.

“Oh, you got the gymnastics reference?”

I did.

“I wouldn’t have expected that.”  

Why not?

“Well, I mean, look at you.”

Thanks, Iggy.

“Not exactly athletic.”

Okay, Iggy.

“More sort of roly-poly –”

That’s enough, Iggy.

Iggy helps out.


Hi, Iggy.

“Are you doing another post?”

I am. I have to provide links to five more bloggers, and I also have to choose the photos, edit them so they’re presentable, and —

“Wow. There’s a lot of work involved.”

Well, yeah, I mean, it’s fun, but it can be time-consuming sometimes.

“I had no idea. Can I help you with it?”

Thank you, Iggy.  I’d really appreciate that.  

“You’re welcome!  Can I put my head on your knee?  Just so I can see the screen better.”

All right.

“Let me just get settled in, okay?”



Well, that’s certainly helpful of him.

Anyway, here are the next five Very Inspiring Bloggers:

I Miss You When I Blink.  Mary Laura Philpott, who actually gets to write for a living; fortunately for us, we get to read her funny blog for free.  And there are penguins, so even if you’re a Philistine who doesn’t appreciate good writing when you’re reading it, hey, penguins. 

I’ve Become My Parents.  Anonymous blogging about parenthood.  He doesn’t update too frequently, but he’s hilarious and completely worth the wait.  Go.  Read.  

Musings from 62 Inches Above Sea Level.  Aqueelah Muhammad’s “About” description says, among other things, “Sarcasm is my first language…” which tells you right there that she’s cool.  She was recently laid off — I’m sorry, “rightsized.”  But she’s handling it with a humorous, nerdy style.  Humorous, stylish nerdiness?  Nerdy, stylish humor?  Ah, go read and decide for yourself.

Olaroma.  Another fairly new blog, started a couple of months ago by Olga, a Russian woman who’s keeping a blog to improve her English.  While there are some grammatical errors, her English isn’t bad at all and her meaning is always clear.  I admire her for writing in a relatively unfamiliar language; I’ve tried learning other languages, and I’m a complete failure at it.  Oh, did I mention her pictures?  Yes, this is another blog showing me an unfamiliar country through the eyes of a native with a real knack for photography.  I love this stuff.

JED’s Playhouse.  The subheading:  “Full of Beer, Sports, and a little fiction.”  Want good writing?  Sure you do.  There it is.

Ten down, five to go.